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The development of communications and information it is getting bigger day by day and now it has a different and large target audience. This innovation area seems to be enough closer by people, and the proof is the diversity and variety of technical machines, soft or ways of data transfers. Technology is now part of our lives and people become addictive by having better technological instruments.

Let’s think about cell phones and their development. The first mobile appeared in 1942 and belong to Donald M. Mitchell. The first minute called in a cellular networking phone was in 1973. And ten years later Motorola present the first mobile phone, type Dyna TAC 8000X. Notice that cell phones become to be used in general mass 35 years later.

Now phone has photo camera and also you can make video, or you can have Internet, GPS and television, or space for dual SIM. The new trend is to use phone with the same programs as a computer with all the programs. The 21 century for phone represent the android era. Smart phones are the last innovation of technology and also we have to observe the interesting design of fashion.

Android phones have applications like Office Pack, Adobe, or interface for different used web pages. Blogging and social networking are again zones with a lot of interests for people who work in technology of communications. All this because people communicate a lot on the online and anyone has a face and a “space” on Internet. So, web pages as Facebook, Yahoo Mail and WordPress are the first examples for a quickly research.

WordPress plug-in for mobile has an interesting place and I would like you to present how it is working. For the first, WordPress means a platform for blogging and publishing. Also, you can create a web page with beautiful themes or imagines and for free. Having so many facilities couldn’t stay too far away from the technology eye and WordPress has also a face for mobile phone. WordPress Mobile Edition become a pack with all the tools that you need. We are talking here about the mobile switcher, the themes, the widgets, and mobile administration panel.
More exactly you have nowadays WordPress on the phone, plug-ing a designed interface for the mobile device. WordPress plug-in for mobile has on Internet all the devices, but get this on your cell are some steps and please fallow the WordPress’ instructions:
• Drop the wp-mobile.php file in your wp-content/plug-ins directory
• Drop the carrington-mobile-(version #) directory in your wp-content/themes directory
• Click the ‘Activate’ link for WordPress Mobile Edition on your Plug-ins page (WordPress admin interface).

With this example it is obvios that the phone cells will remain the target for the next technology generations. Remain only to suggest: mobilize your WordPress site!

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Author: jooneth